Watch this PinPioneer relaunch video, for an update of some of the features and a review of existing things.


Version Released

- Added first version of One Click Marketing (OC). You can now automatically, search & pin with one click. Soon to be, search, pin, follow & like with one click.
-  Fixes with scraping and pagination

- Temporarily disabled scheduling + rotate accounts functions whilst we superpower them.


Version Released (one more update to go before the re-launch! – tell your friends :)

- Fixed follow/unfollow people
- Fixed pagination for #POPULAR searches
- Fixed some error with board search results
- Fixed commenting

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4.3.2014 (read this… important)

Version Released

- Pinning / posting fixed
- #FOLLOWERS / #FOLLOWING scraping fixed
- People / Board scraping fixed
- Image downloading fixed
- Pin scraping fixed (multiple pages now work fine)
- Fixed issue of source URLs not working when importing your own URLs

Main things left to fix (next few days):

- Commenting feature
- Follow/Unfollow people

And then LOTS of new things to come in the relaunch next week.

Note: Your license may have been reset. If for some reason the app asks you to register again, just send an email to pinpioneer@gmail.com. This won’t happen again.

Note: Remember that you only have a week to upgrade to the new PinPioneer. At only $4.95 per month for existing users, you are supporting the continuous development of PinPioneer and you receive a free second license as a thank you!

This means we can afford to keep releasing updates, and fixing any bugs as they arise. You are also given priority access to the support forum that is in the process of being set up. Welcome to PinPioneer 2014 :)

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All your licenses have been reset. This is necessary, as we move towards releasing more new versions of PinPioneer and restructuring our paymeny model. You should be able to use your existing license to re-register the app.

But, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to upgrade to our $4.95 per month membership. This is a must so that we can continue releasing updates, and covering the costs of our development (shouldn’t be a problem anymore).

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Thanks, and get ready for some awesome things to come.



Good news. As promised, we are back. All the previous bugs are fixed, and we are in the final mode of testing before releasing our newest, quickest and smoothest version yet. Everything will be ready for you to download within the next 24 hours.

Keep an eye out on your email for more information.

Glad to be back,


Announcement: I am sorry to inform you that after almost two years we are stopping development on PinPioneer. This is not permanent, and we will back soon, but it is necessary for the meantime.

The reason behind this is a little bit long and convoluted, but it mainly has to do with not being able to secure a good enough team after one of our lead developers had to leave. It sucks, but there’s not much we can do until everything is completely overhauled for version 2.0

Thank you. Thank you to everybody who used this application and put their faith in us. Thank you to all the people that sent me emails with their personal success stories. Thank you to the hundreds that provided consistent feedback, making sure we were on our game at all times. And finally, thank you Lantern (my dog) for always being a source of inspiration.

I apologize if these changes have for any reason caused you any losses or inconveniences. I am more than happy to still offer marketing strategy support, provide consultancy and answer any questions you may have. Use the little live chat form on the site to get in contact.

As of now, we are closed and no more copies will be sold. When we come back, you will be notified immediately via emails, press releases, launch parties and more importantly, free scotch :)



It’s my birthday today, so here is a new version as part of the re-development / re-launching of PinPioneer


- Fixed uploads from desktop
- Added a one click marketing option. Warning: Still in beta
- Some minor enhancements

Since Pinterest changed everything, again we are working as quickly as we can to bring back and innovate on all individual components. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


We are moving to monthly subscription model in order to combat rising costs. Please read the 1.3.2014 update below.

We value all of our existing users immensely, you’ve been with us for years so if you use the link below, you’ll be able to upgrade at only $4.95 per month. Additionally, if you do it during the next seven days, you’ll get a free PinPioneer license too! This ensures that development continues, and the crazy cool things we have planned (one click marketing etc) we’ll be released on time.  Stay tuned for an email + video demo of version 2.0.

In the meantime, click here  to jump into the new era of PinPioneer.


PinPioneer version is out! - Fixed all the main issues affecting the application before. You can follow, like, pin, post successfully again (just not from Flickr). Full change log will be posted soon.

This year PinPioneer is changing, and will be adopting a monthly subscription model. We have learnt from our mistakes, and unfortunately this is the only way we can guarantee you rapid updates and a stream of new features. All existing users will need to upgrade to a $5 per month maintenance fee. Don’t worry, this transition will be gradual, and you will receive an email with a full list of details, and plans we have for PinPioneer in 2014.

Including, but not limited to a complete overhaul, a one click marketing approach to Pinterest marketing (pick your niche, press go and watch the application find suitable followers, download pins, automatically watermark and then automatically upload to a SEO’d boards). This is a new beginning.

We have LOTS of new things planned for our Version 2.0 release, and in order for us to continue being able to offer you speedy updates, and the level of support of renown for we will need to switch to a monthly model.

Expect an email soon :)

Happy new years!


PinPioneer is about to re-launch. The issues we were experiencing, have now been resolved so be prepared to witness the return of the BEST Pinterest software.

We appreciate your patience during the last few months.



Hey everybody, I’d like to apologize for the slight delay in releasing version, we haven’t forgotten about it. Some things have come up in our personal lives unfortunately, that have slowed down the process. The update is ready.. and I’m just waiting to receive it so that it can be released. This is usually a quick a process, so hold tight for a little bit longer.

Update: I can confirm following etc is working. Repinning and pinning from Flickr is not currently working. If you want to pin, watch this video for the workaround: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqfFq-3aGLk

Update: And remember, no special characters in your email / password.

Your patience is much appreciated


Version Released

Thanks for your patience guys! In this version we have pinning possible again after Pinterest’s recent changes. We have another new version dropping soon that should fix everything.. along with a video demo.

In the meantime, you won’t be able to pin from Flickr or repin from Pinterest. But.. you can upload from your desktop. So, the workaround involves, you searching up what content you want, then right clicking > download images. After this, all you need to do is right click > import > pictures and import those pictures into PinPioneer, and hit start pin (after setting your source URLs).




Note:  There is a slight issue with pinning, some small changes on Pinterest’s server. We aware of the issue and working to fix it right now. It shouldn’t take too long. In the meantime, you can still make use of some of PinPioneer other great features, including liking, commenting, and following/unfollowing.

If your issue is to do with pinning try to avoid contacting support too many times, as it really drains resources from support.


Version Released – Fixed description not showing up when uploading from desktop – Other minor tweaks


Version Released – Fixed issue with special characters in passwords and logging in – Fixed/Improved watermarking – Added ability to download images from Flickr as well as Pinterest.


Version Released – Fixed ‘PreviewBox’ not displaying the correct images – Added option to set location of downloaded images – Other minor tweaks and speed enhancements Note: Watermarking has been disabled for the next 12 hours while we add some new things.


Watch this recap video: http://youtu.be/FACBQDU-JnU


Version Released – Fixed repinning with source URLs – Fixed pinning from desktop with / without source URLs and with / without description – A bunch of other small tweaks and fixes – Slight GUI change to support what’s coming soon! Everything should be running swimmingly now, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. PinPioneer.. still number one!


Version Released We are back to normal. – Fixed posting from Flickr/Pinterest and Desktop Image uploads (with source URL) – Fixed weird description text issue, and not being able to post URLs in the description – Fixed following/unfollowing (just make sure your account isn’t blocked) – Added a message which automatically changes your delay, to the ‘safe’ number for now – Added auto-load boards when selecting account. When you select a new account from your drop down your boards will auto-load. We have a new development team so expect updates to be out much quicker now, with many more features! In the next day or two, expect: – Board creation to be fixed – All existing functions to be ported over to the scheduler – Beginnings to GUI redesign – And many many more exciting things! Note: If you have any problems with this new update. Please schedule yourself in for a Teamviewer session, because almost everything should be working fine.


Important Note: Pinterest now has a  pin limit of 15 per account, which means if you pin too fast you’ll get blocked temporarily. However, if you use a delay of 260-320 seconds it should be fine. This is a strictly a test, so I’m sure you can bring down the numbers to increase the speed, or rotate accounts to avoid limits etc.


New video demonstrating a cool technique using the new ‘Download Images’ function, scraping #POPULAR results, and watermarking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVl5eULWCac


Version Released As promised we have fixed up PinPioneer following the latest Pinterest updates. Here are some changes: Note: If you try to use a source URL it will still fail, but that should be fixed up within a day or so. We didn’t want to keep you guys waiting. Everything else should work. – Fixed pinning from Flickr – Fixed repinning from Pinterest – Fixed uploading images from desktop – Fixed following / unfollowing Note: If you are noticing that it’s not pinning after 15 pins. I just looked into this and it is a Pinterest block. It happens exactly after 15 pins. To fix this, I would recommend increasing your delay to around 60-120 seconds. A bit slower, but you won’t get blocked. Otherwise, experiment for yourselves.


Note: The redirect issue that was happening when you opened the site via Google has now been fixed. Some silly kids put some silly code in the back end. No security has been breached, and your data is completely safe. Issue has now been corrected. We are currently working on releasing an update for Pinning and Following. Aiming for a release by Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks for your patience! :) Eric


Note:  One of our users has reported that there might be an issue with business accounts logging in. If you are having trouble, try to switch to a non-business account. Will get it checked soon. Thanks Scott!


Unluckily, yesterday Pinterest changed something with their posting, so pinning/repinning might not work. But.. don’t be alarmed we are aware of the issue and are working on it as we speak. Thanks for your understanding, Eric


Version Released – Added ‘Download Images feature’ from Pinterest (select images > download images)


Version Released Didn’t want to keep you guys waiting too long. – Fixed image uploads from desktop (not including source URL). Note: Uploading images from desktop with a custom source URL won’t work. This will be fixed in the next version tomorrow. Also.. remember Pinterest requires a description on any uploaded image, so don’t leave the description box blank.


Note: Flickr.com is currently down so Flickr scraping isn’t working. No fear, nothing to do with us. The Flickr techs are working on it.


Version Released – Fixed logging in / scraping boards – Fixed following / unfollowing – Fixed posting from Flickr etc


Version Released – Fixed scheduling issues


Version Released – Fixed ‘new board creation’ issue, which was messing a lot of things up. Have another update releasing within a day to fix the scheduling feature. And I will personally finish coding up the download images feature which hasn’t been completed yet. Thanks for your support, tell your friends, get commissions! :)


PinPioneer.com is back up and running fine. New update for PinPioneer – pinterest marketing releasing within 48-72 hours. Thanks for waiting. On the bright side, I also just survived a car accident. On the brighter side, PinPioneer one year anniversary is coming up. Cool things to come!

August 7th, 2013

Hello, slight issue with creating ‘new’ boards. So, in the meantime just create boards manually from Pinterest.com and then load them up inside PinPioneer.  :) Sorry for the hassle.

August 6th, 2013

Version Released – Fixed people scraping – Fixed repinning (thread error) Sorry for the delay guys!  Got some new features in development too.

July 29th, 2013

Looking forward to version, which should hopefully be released tomorrow.

July 24th, 2013

Version Released (You need to run the UPDATE.exe file to update) Fixed scraping from Flickr / Pins / Boards / People (only #FOLLOWERS/#FOLLOWING for now) – Fixed Following (unfollowing will be fixed up tomorrow) – Fixed posting from Flickr with Source URL / #COMMENT and Uploading images from Desktop – Fixed liking of pins Remaining to be fixed: – Commenting – Unfollowing people – Scraping people by keyword (almost done) – Scraping YouTube – Port everything over to ‘scheduling’ function too.

July 23rd, 2013

Update: Progress is being made. I have personally taken the effort of releasing this update myself. So far the following things are fixed: – Scraping from Youtube, Pins, People (#FOLLOWING/#UNFOLLOWING), Boards and Flickr have been fixed. – Liking  / commenting /Posting  just needs a little bit more time (it’s 4:00am as I’ m writing this) The recent downtime was caused by a change in Pinterest’s authentication process, and CSRF Tokens. Thanks for your patience guys!

July 21st, 2013

Update: We are terribly sorry for the delay in fixing the ‘scraping’ issue. Just got word from the team and work is being done as we speak. There will be an update out this week. In the meantime, all the main functionality in PinPioneer still works, you will just need to import your own URLs, or upload images from your computer. Thanks so much for your patience. Still going strong a year later (: Eric

July 11th, 2013

We are aware of the recent scraping issue to do with Pinterest related items. There were some changes in the backend, and we are working on releasing a new update. We appreciate your patience. All the best! Eric

July 5th, 2013

Version Released – Fixed Source URL issue (posts failing when source URL was used)

July 2nd, 2013

Note: There is a small issue with pins failing if you have the something the in the ‘source URL’ field. This will be fixed today, and it was just an overlooked thing. Thanks for your patience!

July 1st, 2013

Version Released – Everything should be fixed (logging in, posting, scraping, liking, following etc). Back on sale!

June 29th, 2013

Due to some of Pinterest’s recent changes, there are a couple of things (primarily logging in and scraping boards back) that aren’t working 100%. Don’t worry, we have started working on a new update and this should be ready within the next day or two. As per usual, thank you for your continued support and patience!

June 25th, 2013

Version Released – Fixed following/unfollowing issue – Fixed posting issue when trying to use source URLs or #URL – Fixed Spintax issue – Fixed account rotation when creating new boards

June 22nd, 2013

We are aware of the issue with ‘following’. It should be dealt with shortly.  Thanks for your patience, Eric

May 28th, 2013

New video explaining old /new look differentials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c50uSEApJSM

May 27th, 2013

Version Released – Fixed Flickr scraping Note: Remember, you can still get TumbleForce for only $9.95 if you use the code, ‘tfcomp’ (expires Wednesday)

Tuesday, 21st May:

Note:  Flickr.com has recently redesigned their entire website. This means that for a short time scraping from Flickr (the ‘All’) option in PinPioneer won’t work. No big deal, you can still import your own Flickr (or any other URLs) etc.

Important: Regarding TumbleForce

Hey guys, we are receiving way more TumbleForce free license requests than expected. Especially, since most of them are coming 2+ days after the latest PinPioneer update was released. Right now, we can not give away any more free TumbleForce licenses, but just to keep everybody happy, for the next week, you can get TumbleForce for only $9.95 if you use the code ‘tfcomp‘. That’s a saving of OVER $40 and will ensure that we don’t waste too much time sending out free licenses (it takes a long time) and more time working on updates for you.

Development progress on New Version

Version Released We’re back in business baby! Everything is fixed, everything is flawless. Enjoy PinPioneer guys, and remember to sign up to our affiliate  program. Update 9: We are fixed, and FASTER than ever. Just finalizing, update will be out shortly. Update 8Exciting news. Stay tuned. Update 7: Major apologies for the delay. We are currently in between developers etc. Still working on a fix. If you want a free license of TumbleForce, just send an email with your PayPal email. Otherwise, if you’re a vb.net, socket developer and think you can help. Let me know! Thanks so much for all the support! Update 6: Hit a small road block with pin posting through web browser. Switching back to sockets. Look out for an email within the next day or so, with some added information / potential surprises. Note: Are you a developer, vb,net or php/mysql? Think you got what it takes? You’ve got a chance to join the PinPioneer team and make some BIG monthly cash. Email in. Update 5: Now fixed logging in and scraping boards. Currently working on Pin posting. Update 4: Doh! Pinterest.com is currently down.. Also, re-writing functions.


Update 3: Couldn’t manage to get a 100% functional version by tonight, and tomorrow is Sunday which makes work a little tricky. But on the bright side, there is a REALLY high chance that everything will be good on Monday.And remember, the longer this takes the more i’ll feel the need to reward. Free upgrades (i.e. TumbleForce), free licenses etc.Stay tuned while the best and fastest Pin app comes back. PinPioneer!


Update 2: Coming closer to a fully functional version. Pinterest.com is currently down though and/or bouncing back and forth so it’s a bit hard to work on it. Thanks for patience guys, really!  Read update below:


Update 1: We haven’t forgotten about you! Still working relentlessly to release this new update, but Pinterest has been difficult all the way through. When we return, (or even now) I promise you will all get free licenses (which you can later sell if you want). Doing everything we can to be back up soon.


Note: We are aware that loading up boards is no longer functioning correctly. We have a new version about to release, on Monday. We appreciate your patience, and if you have any development suggestions or want to get on a board as a developer. Please let me know.


Version Released  – Fixed crash issue when posting from Flickr – Preparatory enhancements for the bigger features to come


Since Pinterest doesn’t take source URLs changing when repinning anymore. You can instead use the #URL function in PinPioneer to automatically enter a link into the description (and spin it). Credit to: Jorgen Poulsen


Thanks for waiting guys. New update releasing in about 24 hours (or sooner). Hold tight :) Your feedback is always valued highly. And we work around the clock to make sure that we can provide you the best Pinterest app available. Sometimes things are rocky but it’s nearing a year and we are still going strong! To your success! Eric


Watch this video, detailing some new things, hidden functionality and discussions about the whole ‘Old Look’, ‘New Look’ thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0JczX8zcVU Also, remember. If you want old look accounts which work better, just ask! ;) Note: We are aware of the recent crash issue when trying to post from Flickr. Working on an update riiiiiight now.


Version Released - You can now scrape a board’s followers, by checking board then hovering over people (it will be grayed out) > scrape followers  Fixed ‘New Look’ issues: – Fixed uploading from desktop with or without source URL – Fixed following/unfollowing – Fixed issue with schedules disappearing – Source URL is now applied to everything apart from repins (Pinterest removed the ability to change that)


Undergoing heavy updates We are working around the clock to adapt to Pinterest’s, ‘New Look’ which seems to be changing everyday. Hold tight, expect new updates on a daily basis and forward any support inquires to pinpioneer@gmail.com


Version Released – #COMMENT when pinning Flickr images now works on New Look – Minor tweaks New update coming soon


Version Released – #COMMENT feature fixed for Flickr / YouTube posting on New Look – Desktop image uploading now supported on New Look – Source URL now supported on New Look – Other speed enhancements and performance tweaks


Version Released – Some more pinning, posting and functional enhancements on New Look mode.


Version Released – All previous ‘Old Look’ functions are working correctly again (pinning, commenting, liking, following etc). – Following & Liking now supported on ‘New Look’ (repinning, commenting will be ready tomorrow) Note: We are giving out some free old look accounts during the transition, so that you can make the most of the program until the New Look functionality is 100%. Thanks for your continuous support and patience! :)


Version Released Commenting and liking work on ‘New Look’ now. Make sure ‘New Look’ is selected if your account has been transferred to the new look. Pin, repin coming shortly. Thanks for waiting! Eric


Note: We are working on an update for Pinterest’s ‘New Look’, in the meantime avoid switching for as long as you can. Update should be out within a day or so.


Version Released – Board selection menu widened – You can edit scheduled items (right click > edit).


Version Released – Fixed scheduling with repins/pins.


Note: Doing maintenance on our servers. Your licenses won’t work in the meantime. We apologize for the inconvenience, everything should be back up and running within the next 5 or so hours.


Version Released – Scheduling is not limited to a 24 hour window anymore. Schedule a day, a month, or a year in front!


Version Released – Schedule pins with source URLs now working Note: If you are having trouble getting scheduling to work. Make sure you set your schedules at least 5+ minutes into the future.


Version RELEASED – Keep your Pinterest marketing completely automatic now, with advanced scheduling features. Set times for likes, following, comments and repins and forget! Auto-pilot marketing and content generation (video coming soon)


Version Released – Added the link to Tumbleforce – Added “Check Blue/Yellow” feature (for automatic unfollowing of people who aren’t following you) – Fixed Post on Boards with special characters – Stop Button now stop every task.


Version Released  – Changed encryption of the PinPioneer.exe file, to allow for less anti-virus prompts. Version RELEASED – Fixed scraping people – Fixed posting/scraping boards with symbols


Version released – Fixed load existing boards issue


We are aware of the issue when trying to load existing boards. Pinterest changed some of their URLs, and it will be dealt with, within 24 hours. Thanks for waiting!


Check out our new Tumblr/course app and use discount code: ’pinspecialhttp://tumbleforce.com New PinPioneer version releasing soon!


Version Released – Fixed #FOLLOWERS/#FOLLOWING tags – Added Pinterest account creator (still in beta, report any bugs)


Version released  Note: #FOLLOWERS / #FOLLOWING will be fixed in the next update. – Added a log message when your repin hit a pin block. – Ability to scrape multi-pages with #POPULAR tag on pins. – Fixed Preview of Pins.


Watch this: How to Make Your Pins Go Viral


Version Released – Fixed following/unfollowing issues Note: A small number of people have been affected by an update glitch which makes the program not start up after update. If this is you, contact me and we’ll sort you out.


Version Out! – Removed comment character limits | Done – Fix #FOLLOWERS,#FOLLOWING/Scrape other Note: Pinterest literally just changed their API for this so we have to release a new version soon to improve the follow/scrape other followers features. Hold tight! – Scrape multi pages from Boards | Done – Spun Board/Board Contains | Done – Improve Spin System | Done – Rotate System and Actions per account for Like,Follow,Unfollow | Done


Version Out! Note: If your license isn’t working, send us an email at pinpioneer@gmail.com and we will fix you up! – Added window to import pictures and watermark them with your text/url – Added “Action per account” on Rotate accounts frature (Beta, we are going to improve it in the next releases) For example: I check 100 Flickr pictures and I have 10 accounts. If i set 10 Action per account and I start pin at the end of the task every account is going to have different Pins uploaded. – Added log text saying when a task is done. – Fixed minors bugs – Fixed login not working with emails that have symbols in them


Version RELEASED – Fixed uploading pictures from desktop – Fixed some other minor issues


Note: Your licenses will not will work while we do maintenance. Should be fixed within a couple of hours. Thanks for patience!


Read this: 10 STEPS to Making Your First Dollar With Pinterest


Confused? Everything you need to know about version Watch this.


Version RELEASED – Fixed Login with Username/Emails that contain symbols – Fixed Post On Boards that contain symbols – Fixed Create Boards that contain symbols – Fixed Stop Button – Added Suggestion #TAGs — Type “#” on the search box and all #TAGs respective to the category dropdown will be suggested — http://it-travian.tk/Imgs/9vjJgL.png – Added Board Scraper – Added Option to retrive Pins from board scraped – http://it-travian.tk/Imgs/HyagvY.png – Added Bulk Upload Pictures – http://it-travian.tk/Imgs/OUskBy.png


Troubleshooting video. This explains most of the reasons for ‘failure to pin/post/like/comment’ message and other common issues. http://youtu.be/A97FPsZnuBo P.S – ‘People’ searching is being fixed up/enhanced soon. Hold tight!


Check your accounts! If for some reason something isn’t working, it’s almost always because of blocked / ‘read only’ mode accounts. To check if your account(s) are valid, go to manage > check the box next to account > press ‘account stats’. If the program returns back a username in that row. Your account is valid.


Version RELEASED  – Ability to load stats of accounts (Boards,Pins,Followers,Following,ect) — Select accounts on the account manager then press “Account/s Stats” – Ability to scrape followers form other users Pinterest Bot


Version RELEASED – Added ability to unlock “read only” accounts — On the account manager checks accounts you want to unlock and click “Unlock Accounts” – Added ability to load more than 50k of accounts without get the application stuck/not responding – Enlarged the list of boards for easy reading – Fixed the scrape #CATEGORY sometimes was returning unrelated items – Now #CATEGORY scrape descriptions too – Fixed minors bugs


Version RELEASED – Fixed Minor Bugs,Typos – Added Tag to scrape pins from category. — #CATEGORY:Name of category — Example : #CATEGORY:Animals — Example : #CATEGORY:Film, Music & Books – Will extract all new posted pins from desired category


Watch this: latest updates


Version RELEASED – Ability to scrape people on keywords. – - By searching “#FOLLOWING” you will scrape all people you are following also shows if them are following you back or not. – - By searching “#FOLLOWERS” you will scrape all people who are following you. – - – *Note those 2 tags are in BETA so they may be a tad unstable at times. (Make sure are logged in). — Ability to Follow/Unfollow people scraped. – Account rotation now supported – Added ability to Save Titles, URLs, URLs;Titles in.txt file. – Added feature which auto-load settings from previous version. So you wont lose any accounts or others settings when Upgrading the software.


Version RELEASED – Ability to Remove/Edit existing scheduled items. – Now PreviewBox also shows Youtube/Pins – Ability to Comment scraped Pins (Spintax,Tags are allowed too)


 New video releasedhttp://youtu.be/W2bOph6jFAI


Version RELEASED – Ability to import and pin your own list of pictures (URL;COMMENT) – Enabled Spintax on Source URL – Ability to Schedule Youtube/Pins/Any Picture URL


Latest video: Scheduling Mass Pins with PinPioneer


Version RELEASED – Fixed load board on scheduling – Fixed Output URL when Re-Pin – Added Preview Box (Right click on scrape list –> PreviewBox) – Added “Load/Save Project” feature


Apologies for the downtime. Some of you may have received an ‘unregistered’ prompt. Should be fine now. In case this happens again, just wait 30-60 minutes and try again. Otherwise contact support. Thanks! Eric P.S – New version dropping soon.


Version RELEASED  – Proxy Support per Account. – Ability to Repin scraped pins. (And to replace Source URL with your own)


Version RELEASED – Now support search/pinning existing pins. Select ‘pins’ from the  search bar. – Now supports re-pinning of ‘popular’ pins.  Select ‘pins’ from search bar and search #POPULAR – Now support mass liking. Right click on scraped URLs > Like – Fixed issue with board switching when failed to pin.


Version RELEASED –  YouTube now supported.  Same speeds, same features. Amazing!


Social Spheres video RELEASED. Learn how to connect your Pinterest account to dozens of other social platforms for maximum reach. Watch here.


Version RELEASED – Scheduling added You can now schedule your pins & set a time delay. Right click on your selected pins > add to scheduler. Video coming soon.


Next version dropping soon! In the meantime, check out this new guide:  Pinterest Social Spheres


Version Released

- Multi-account management (import, export, mass add/remove) – Fixed picture numbering when searching through multiple pages


Version Released

The first version of PinPioneeer is live. We have a number of new updates coming very soon, but in the meantime if you have any questions or experience any bugs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Note: Remember to set a delay when pinning in large volumes. 30-50 seconds is optimal, and will avoid you getting temporarily blocked after the first 100-200 pins.

strong/p strong /p /p /a/strongbr / /span/spana title=”Pinterest Marketing” href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDcY_4ni7yc /strongstrong 8/21/2012 Also, remember. If you want old look accounts which work better, just ask! ;) Note: Doing maintenance on our servers. Your licenses won’t work in the meantime.br /pbr /