Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the system requirements to run PinPioneer?

As of now PinPioneer is compatible with all systems, XP / Windows server 2008 and up. You need to have .net framework 3.5 installed.  You can also run it on a mac through  one of the many virtual workstations: VirtualBox, Parallels, VMWare etc.

2. Do I need to use proxies with this app?

No, as long as you stay within reasonable posting limits by using the scheduling / time delay features you won’t need any proxies. Plus, PinPioneer focuses on ‘natural growth’ in any case, and proxies tend to encourage posting anything and everything, which isn’t healthy for your marketing.

3. Are there risks for copyright infringement?

In simple words, no. Or VERY low. Pinterest’s and Flickr’s partnership makes the attribution and sharing content of much easier. You provide Pinterest with high quality content, and the authors get credited back.  Win-win. Likewise, sharing YouTube videos has become a cultural norm, and YouTube themselves encourage it with all the sharing options available.

4. How can I use this to grow my business?

To survive with social media, businesses need content. PinPioneer is an excellent way of quickly grabbing and posting engaging content (photos/videos) to your users (across all social networks).

5. My app says my serial is already registered. What do I do?

If you uninstalled PinPioneer without first de-registering your license by pressing the, ‘Port License’ button, the key will remain registered (to prevent fraud/cracking). Please contact support and we will reset your license.

6. How many computers can I run this on?

Upon purchase you are given one license. One license is limited per computer, however you are free to transfer licenses between computers. Currently, additional licenses cost, $25.

7. My program says ‘failed to create board, or failed to post pin consistently’. Why?

The main reason for this is either incorrect account details, or your account has been temporarily blocked from posting. Login manually into Pinterest via your web browser, and repeat the action you were taking, see if you get a message. Additionally, if you are trying to repin Pinterest pins it may caused by the pin you are repinning being flagged as leading to a ‘spam link’. Again, repeat the same action (with the same pin) manually through your browser and see if you get any error messages.

Finally, the only other reason why your pins might fail to pin is if you don’t have a description included. Pinterest requires you to have a description in all pins you pin/repin.

Edit: Pinterest now has a ‘new look’. Make sure this is not enabled for you.

And refer to the video at the bottom of this page.

You might be pinning too fast, Pinterest recently increased their limits which means it’s smarter if you set your delays to 60-120 seconds.

8. What are the limits for posting / auto-following?

By current standards, you are allowed to follow 300 people per day, and post 180 pins per hour. However, if you use the scheduling and time delay features with a delay between 40-60 seconds (if you are pinning hundreds) you should be fine.

Most Common Issues

The majority of usage issues you may experience are covered in this video: