PinPioneer Affiliate Information

Thanks for wanting to be a part of the fastest growing Pinterest marketing software on the market. We are actively looking for new affiliates who know the marketplace and want to make some quick cash. We offer a generous 30% commission on every sale, which gets you $15 per unit sold. We also offer affiliate discounts and bonuses for higher volume affiliates. Here’s how to get started:

Sign up:

Step 1: Join our affiliate program 

Step 2: Select ‘PinPioneer’ or ‘Software Syndicate’ if PinPioneer isn’t available.

Step 3: Promote using the given affiliate link.

Q: How do you pay commissions and how often?

A: We pay your commissions on the first of every month via Paypal.

Q: Is there a minimum payout?

A: Your commissions need to be at least $50 before you will be paid. Any unclaimed commissions are accumulated from one pay period to the next.

How to Promote

- Emails
- Banners and forum signatures
- Blog posts / reviews
- Video comments / demos
- Tweeting to your existing network
And anything else clever you can think of. No spam please!

Affiliate Tools For PinPioneer

More affiliate tools / banners coming soon.

We’re not very good with pixels and numbers so here goes nothing.